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There is nothing secretive about our ingredients and management which is reflected in our low countertops and transparency. We do not use artificial preservatives nor additives in our drinks. Each drink is made with fruit freshly cut and tailored to each person’s taste and preference. If you have any dietary concerns, tell our bartender and they will make the drink the way you want.

The evolution of bubble tea

2737 BC


The Chinese Emperor Sen Nung was resting in a camellia sinensis field while his servant was boiling water to drink. When leaves from the trees blew into the pot and coloured the water, Shen Nung, a renowned herbalist himself, decided to try the infusion and gave it the title renowned today as tea.


The first cup of
Foam Red Tea


The first cup of Bubble tea

Xiuhui Lin, who worked at a tea shop, attempted to mix tapioca (a common Taiwanese dessert) with milk tea. At first, she only shared this recipe with her boss and co-workers. Everyone loved it and she decided to share it with the world as a new product. The tapiocas looked like pearls and was given the Chinese name - Pearl Milk Tea.

What is
Bubble Tea?

Originally from Taiwan, bubble tea, aka boba, milk tea or pearl milk tea, is made with a milk tea base and tapioca dessert as a topping inside the drink. It is fun, filling and delicious. Modern day bubble tea vary from many different flavours, styles, toppings and ingredients shared all over the world.

Common misconceptions
about Bubble Tea

“Bubble tea is always made with tea”

Despite the popular belief, bubble tea is a type of drink rather than tea itself. Traditional milk tea has a tea base but the base can be tea, milk, ice or fruit juices.

“Bubble tea has to come with bubbles”

Tapioca pearls, or bubbles, is just one of the various toppings that can go inside the drink. It can vary from mango chunks, fruit jellies, red bean, aloe chunks and many more.

“Bubble tea is only for Asians”

Although it originated from Asia, bubble tea is globally recognized, and friends and family can gather to go for “bubble tea runs”.

“Bubble tea is unhealthy”

It could be, when only using artificial flavours, syrups and powders; however, Real Fruit Bubble Tea is crafted with fresh fruit to make it healthier and nutritious to consume.

“Bubble tea is only for young people”

We believe that Real Fruit Bubble Tea is not only trendy amongst younger audiences but any person, young and old, who like fruit will enjoy it. It will stand the test the time.



Real Fruit Bubble Tea originated in Toronto and is growing rapidly in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in handcrafted drinks and fresh teas that are brewed from loose leaf and espresso tea machines. Our fruit drinks are strictly made with real fruits processed on-site. No premade or prepackaged juices are available in store. Each drink is customizable with selection of toppings.
We have an obsessive pursuit of fine craftsmanship. Our versatile staff are trained to acquire a vast understanding of fruit management, precision of knife handling and operating blenders to create the ideal drink for each guest with swift service.


Toronto, the Meeting Place.

This city has been impactful in shaping our identity and commitment. Initially, Real Fruit Bubble Tea was an Asian based company catering to mostly Asian communities. Now, this multicultural city has influenced us to share this drink with everyone. We have become inclusive, diverse, authentic and full of energy. Throughout the years, we have been committed to making fresh fruit drinks, healthy and accessible for anyone to enjoy.

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